Site Preparation

Site Preparation is the process of preparing the site for future construction work. The first necessary step is clearing the construction site by removing all vegetation, rocks and debris, and demolishing any structures that interfere with the footprint of the new building or structure.

Then it involves grading and leveling the land, compacting the soil, drainage, and more. Feel free to contact us with any of your questions and concerns about your site preparation!

Proper site preparation is a critical step in the construction process as it lays the groundwork for a successful and safe construction project.

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What is a Footing in construction and why it is so important? The bottom part of a foundation is called the footing. Foundation is a structure that transfers the loads from the superstructure to the ground, while footing is the foundation that is in contact with the earth.

Footings in construction are critical as the footing distributes the weight of the building evenly across the entire structure so that it doesn’t sink into the ground.

Starting a new construction project? Do not hesitate to call us now or submit your request for a free estimate. With our knowledge and expertise, you’ll have peace of mind about your property!

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