Concrete Demolition and Basement Dig Outs

Concrete Demolition

Concrete structures can last for years with proper care and maintenance. But sometimes, they need to be completely demolished. For example, if you need to make space for newer structures or because there are foundational concerns with the building.

Concrete is a sturdy, heavy material that can seriously injure someone if not demolished properly. Ans it’s important to have a solid understanding of demolition techniques.

Small concrete demolition projects can sometimes be done safely by people with little experience. But for larger demolition projects, it is crucial having an experienced contractor. Contact us now – with our knowledge and professional equipment we can make the job right!

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Basement Dig Outs

A basement dig out or basement lowering is the act of removing the existing basement floor (which is typically concrete) and then digging out the ground below.

The safest and most effective way of providing the necessary space for excavating and building the basement is to remove the home from its foundation and set it off to the side. Excavators are usually used to dig out basements in open sites. If your house is set off to the side, this is a quick and straightforward method of removing the soil from your basement site.

But the process of digging out a basement is complex and requires significant planning and expertise to be completed successfully. Contact us now if you’re considering digging out your basement and you’ll have reliable outcomes!