Land Grading

What Is It Land Grading?

Before any hardscaping or landscaping projects can take place, you may have to grade the area. But what is land grading, and why is it so essential?

In a few words, Land Grading is reshaping earth and soil so that the land is more stable and leveled than before. Dirt from higher up is moved into the lower-lying areas to create a nice level surface to serve as the foundation for your project. Sometimes land grading may require you to move in additional dirt from somewhere else to complete the job.

It is also the process of correcting the slope of your yard so that rainwater and other precipitation flow away from the foundation of your building.

Land Grading - excavation services Kentucky

Why Is Land Grading Important?

Uneven or bumpy lawns are a pain to take care of and can even be harmful to visitors or to your home’s foundation. A lack of proper grading can lead to water running toward structures instead of away which can lead to flooding. Proper grading ensures your yard is safe, and aesthetically pleasing and will not lead to costly damage to your home or business property

Contact us for professional Land Grading to:

Keep your home or business safe from water damage
Provide proper water drainage
Prevent soil erosion